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Facts about Brock Lesnar

“The most accomplished athlete in professional wrestling history” referred in a 2015 ESPN.com article. In history, Brock is the only person to win championship in WWE, UFC, NCAA, NJPW and IGF (six time world champion in WWE, one time champion in NJPW and IGF, one time heavyweight champion in UFC and one time heavyweight wrestling champion in NCAA). Brock ended the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania (21 matches). He is longest reigning WWE Champion (504 days).

Current status – WWE Superstar


Real Name – Brock Edward Lesnar

Birth Date – 12th July 1977

Age – 41 years

Birth Place – Webster, South Dakota, United States

Fathers Name – Richard Lesnar

Mothers Name – Stephanie Lesnar

Former Fiancé – Nicole McClain

Wife – Rena Marlette Lesnar (Nickname – Sable) (married 6th May 2006)

Children – 2 sons from Sable (Turk (born 2009) and Duke (born 2010)). Twins from his former fiancée Nicole McClain (Mya Lynn (daughter) and Luke (son)) (born 2002).

Stepfather of Sable’s daughter Mariah, with her late first husband.

Height – 6ft 3 in (191 cm)

Weight – 130 kg (286 lb)

Nickname – The Beast Incarnate

Net worth – usd 22 million


Brock Lesnar is the son of Richard and Stephanie Lesnar who grew up on their dairy farm in Webster and he is of German descent. Troy and Chad are two older brothers of Lesnar and he also has a younger sister named Brandi. When he joined the Army National Guard he was assigned to an office job due to his red-green colorblindness at age 17. This deemed hazardous to his desire to work with explosives. He failed a computer typing test due to which he lost this job. Then he worked for a construction company. He played football and also competed in amateur wrestling when he attended Webster High School. He ranked third in the state championships.

In his second year of University on a wrestling scholarship for his junior and senior college years he transferred to the University of Minnesota. There he was roommates with Shelton Benjamin who in future was his WWE colleague. Shelton Benjamin was also his assistant coach. He was runner up to Stephen Neal in 2000 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCCA). Later that year he won the 2000 NCAA Division 1 heavyweight wrestling championship. He was 2000 NCAA Heavyweight Champion, two times Big Ten Conference Champion, two times NCAA All-American, the 1988 NJCAA Heavyweight Champion and a two time NJCAA All-American completing his amateur career.

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Career in WWF (World Wrestling Federation)

Brock signed with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) which later became World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and he was sent to its developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) in 2000. There he first met his future friend and manager Paul Heyman. There he also met his former college roommate Shelton Benjamin, they formed a tag team named The Minnesota Stretching Crew and they also won the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship on three different occasions. Before being called up to the WWF’s main roster in 2001 and 2002, he wrestled several dark matches. On 18th March 2002 at Raw, Brock debuted on WWF by attacking AI Snow, Maven and Spike Dudley. Heyman was confirmed as Lesnar’s agent. “The Next Big Thing” was the nickname given to Lesnar. On June 2002, Lesnar defeated Rob Van Dam to win the King of the Ring tournament.

On 25th August 2002 at SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar defeated The Rock and became the new WWE Undisputed Champion. After this win he also became the youngest WWE Champion at age 25. Brock defeated The Undertaker and Edge to retain his championship with the help of Paul Heyman. On 17th November 2002 at Survivor Series, Paul turned on Brock and helped Big Show to pin him due to which he lost the title and this was his first pinfall loss in WWE. On 19th January 2003 at Royal Rumble, Brock won the Royal Rumble match for the first time. On 30th March 2003, Brock defeated Kurt Angle and became the WWE Champion for the second time. During the match Brock mistimed a shooting star press – a move which is jumped from the 3rd rope, due to which he landed on his head and neck, which caused him concussion.

On 27th April 2003 at Backlash, Brock defeated Cena and defended his title. At Vengeance, Brock lost his title against Kurt Angle and Big Show, in which Kurt pinned him. On 18th September 2003, Brock again defeated Kurt and for the third time he win the WWE Championship. He then lost his title against Eddie Guerrero when Goldberg interfered in the match. Due to which Brock challenged Goldberg, which was last match of both the competitors. Goldberg defeated him with a Jackhammer. During this two year in WWE, he was addicted to alcohol and painkillers both. He used to drink a bottle of vodka per day and was taking hundreds of Vicodin painkiller per month to handle the pain. The main cause was the incident of WrestleMania 19. Due to his addiction and mental exhaustion he doesn’t remember an entire two years of his WWE career.

Career in Professional Football

To start a career in National Football League (NFL) he sidelined his career in WWE. He later stated that “three wonderful year” in WWE, but he was unhappy because he always wanted to play professional football. On 17th April he had a accident with a motorbike due to which he suffered with a broken jaw and a left hand, a bruised pelvis and a pulled groin. Again on 11th June he again hampered by the groin injury. But On 24Th July he nearly recovered and he signed with the Vikings on 27th July. He played many games for the team till 30th August then he was released by the Vikings. Then he decided to stay with his family in United States.

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Career in UFC (Ultimate Fighting Champion)

On 2nd February 2008, Lesnar made his UFC debut against Frank Mir. He lost his debut match by submission at 1:30 minutes of first round. After Choi Hong-man, he was the second person who was wearing 4XL gloves for the fight, which was due to his large hands. On 9th August 2008, he defeated Herring by unanimous decision, which was his first win. On 15th November 2008 at UFC 87, Lesnar defeated Randy Couture in the second round via TKO to become the UFC Heavyweight Champion for the first time. On 11th July 2009, Lesnar defended his title against Frank Mir by TKO in the second round. Then Lesnar was suffering from diverticulitis (an intestinal disorder) due to which further he undergone surgeries. Nearly he took a year to comeback, but On 3rd July 2010 at UFC 116, Lesnar defeated Carwin and became the undisputed UFC Heavyweight Champion.

He lost his title against Cain Velasquez by TKO in first round. Then he was announced as a coach of The Ultimate Fighter Season 13, but due to diverticulitis he again underwent surgery on 27th May 2011. He then returned and lost his match against Alistair Overeem by TKO in first round. He announced his retirement then due to the problems with diverticulitis. He stated that while he was training for a comeback in UFC he felt “physically great but something was missing mentally”. That’s why he re-signed with WWE. After many years he made a comeback to UFC on 9th July 2016 at UFC 200 and defeated Mark Hunt.

Comeback Career in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)

On 2nd April 2012 at Raw, Lesnar made a comeback to WWE by delivering an F-5 to John Cena. On 29th April 2012 at Extreme Rules, he dominated the match but lost against Cena. The following he broke Triple-H’s arm by kimura lock. Paul Heyman returned as Lesnar’s advocate. On 19th August 2012, Lesnar defeated Triple-H by once again breaking his arm. On 28th January 2013, he attacked Mr. McMahon, due to which Triple-h requested a rematch WrestleMania 29. He lost his match against Triple-H. On 19th May 2013 at Extreme Rules, in a steel cage match Lesnar defeated Triple-H with the interference of Paul Heyman. Then he challenged CM Punk. On 18th August he defeated CM Punk at SummerSlam in a no disqualification match. Then the Undertaker challenged him for a match at WrestleMania 30. On 6th April 2014, Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker by pinfall and ended his undefeated WrestleMania streak at 21, which were the most shocking results.

On 17th August 2014 at SummerSlam, Lesnar defeated John Cena and become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. On 29th March 2015 at WrestleMania 31, he lost his title in a match against Roman Reign where Seth Rollins interfered and cashed in his Money in the Bank Contract and became the new Champion. He got his rematch against Seth but got disqualified by The Undertaker. On 18th August 2015 at SummerSlam, Undertaker defeated him which became controversial. On 25th October 2015 at Hell in a Cell, Lesnar defeated the Undertaker, which was voted as “Match of the Year”. On 20th November 2016 at Survivor Series, the biggest match ever – The Goldberg VS Brock Lesnar, in which Goldberg defeated him in just 86 seconds. At WrestleMania, he defeated Goldberg and became the WWE Universal Champion. After which he defended his title for 504 days which is longest reigning WWE Champion. Then he lost his title against Roman Reigns ending his streak. On 2nd November 2018 at Crown Jewel, he defeated Braun Strowman and became the WWE Universal Champion for the 6th time.

On 27th January 2019 at Royal Rumble, Lesnar defeated Finn Balor and again defended his title for WWE Universal Championship. He lost his title at WrestleMania 35 against Seth Rollins on 7th April 2019. On 19th May at Money in the Bank, Brock Lesnar entered into the Men’s Money in the Bank match and won the 2019 WWE Money in the Bank Contract. On 14th July at Extreme Rules, Lesnar cashed in his Money in the Bank Contract after the match of Seth Rollins

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